Oxygen Plus Review

Oxygen is a key player in keeping us functioning day-to-day. It’s essential for life, and without it our bodies wouldn’t be able to work their magic! Oxygen touches nearly everything we do – from digestion to cell repair – so the next time you take a deep breath, remember just how invaluable that oxygen really is.

Normally, you just get oxygen from the air you breathe. However, sometimes what you can get from just breathing is not enough. That’s where Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters come in. O8 Biggi oxygen canisters are here to help. Packed with pure, revitalizing oxygen in a convenient canister form that fits perfectly into your active lifestyle – from sports and hiking to just needing an extra boost of energy or focus at work or school – you’ll always have the breathable support you need!

Upgrade your breathing experience with Oxygen Plus oxygen canisters! Packed to the brim with over 220 breathes of recreational or medicinal oxygen, these 11-liter wonder cans are a must for those seeking an enhanced quality of life. Let’s take some time to explore how this amazing product works, who creates it, what benefits it holds and ultimately if you should invest in one today!! So let’s read on and discover Oxygen Plus.

My Opinion

Taking care of my dad can be incredibly difficult, especially since he’s wheelchair bound at 101 years old, but things got a bit easier a year ago when we put him on oxygen. I can actually sense the difference it makes and I’ve noticed a real change for the better – he seems much more alert and engaged with life than before. In fact, he’s so attached to the oxygen now that he often specifically requests it from me! Oxygen has been key in helping my dad live comfortably during his later years – and I’m sure others appreciate its importance too.


  • Light weight enough to carry in any type of tote backpack purse
  • Easy to use Good to have when needing a boost
  • Oxygen Plus packs a punch. Great for panic attacks.


  • The trigger valves did not function correctly
  • The valve leaked and the oxygen sprayed out all over
  • New sealed cans are empty! Can’t return.

Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters: Overview

Oxygen Plus canisters are your ticket to feeling refreshed, naturally! Each lightweight container carries over 11 liters of pure oxygen – simply place the mouthpiece on and press a few times to get that breath-of-fresh air. The trigger design makes it easy to take with you wherever life takes you; whether camping in the wild or hitting up an intense spin class at the gym. Take back control with Oxygen Plus – breathe better & feel great every day!

Oxygen Plus makes sure that you get the breath of fresh air you need! Their canisters are thoughtfully crafted in an FDA registered facility right here in the USA, and each one is 100% recyclable. Get 220 breaths per top-of-the line canister – enough for a great escape from everyday life; two come to every package so there’s no risk of running out too soon.

Not just for long plane rides or hiking at high altitudes, a few whiffs of oxygen can be the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish. Whether you need an energizing boost before heading into work early, tackling jet lag after traveling across oceans, exercising your hardest to stay in shape – or even taking that dreaded road trip with family– portable oxygen promises to revive and refresh!

Who Makes Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters?

Christine Warren, a Chicago-based entrepreneur, founded Oxygen Plus to bring people an easy and stylish way of boosting their oxygen intake. Her pioneering brand has created sleek canisters that provide healthier air for those looking for more natural ways to stay energized throughout the day!

With humble beginnings in 2003, Oxygen Plus has become the current leader amongst recreational oxygen companies. A testament to this success is their winning of ‘Best New Product’ award at the International Spa Convention & Expo in Las Vegas – all within that same year! Until now, they continue providing an unparalleled product and experience for those looking for a refreshing boost with pure O2.

Oxygen Plus has your oxygen needs covered! Elevate yourself with their convenient O+ Pack, stay lightweight and mobile with the ultra-slim O+ Mini, or keep it minimalist with an easy to transport O+ Skinni. Enjoy enhanced levels of energy and focus no matter where you go!

How Does Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters Work?

Tiredness can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be! Oxygen Plus Canisters come with the promise of delivering all-important oxygen molecules directly into your cells. That way, they get exactly what they need to convert those tasty nutrients into energy and keep you going strong – no fatigue in sight!

Feel like your energy levels are dragging? Need a mental boost in an oxygen deprived environment? Oxygen Plus Canisters can give you the lift you need with just three or four breaths. Our oxygen-enhancing formula is designed to fight fatigue and help enhance cognitive performance, so that pollution won’t slow down productivity!

Replenish your body with energizing oxygen using these canisters. First release a deep breath, and then press the button to start the flow — you’ll be ready for action in no time! Place yourself over the mask and inhale gently through both nose and mouth – just 3-5 breaths will get that blood flowing faster than ever before. The invigorating effects are almost instantaneous – now it’s up to what secrets lie beyond your limits!

Get the extra oomph you need for those activities that require a bit of an energy boost! Whether you’re pushing yourself on your next hike or scaling to new heights in rock climbing, Oxygen Plus Canisters can give you just what’s needed.

Take a deep breath! With O+ Canisters, you can get up to four times the concentration of oxygen compared to normal air. Loaded with pure unfiltered oxygen at 97% purity for every exhale and conveniently packaged in medical grade quality containers, each hit of Oxygen Plus is sure to give your body that much needed pick-me-up. So don’t hold back – breathe deeply and enjoy all the extra benefits nature’s element provides!

Side Effects and Safety

Oxygen Plus Canisters bring the world of oxygen right to your fingertips–helping you breathe better and easier. To ensure safety, it’s important that these pressurized canisters stay away from open flames or other types of heat sources, as well as those with impaired heart or lung function should consult their physician before use. Keep in mind O+ is not a medicine nor approved by the FDA for medical conditions; however, if used properly an effortless breath could be just around the corner!

Oxygen Plus Canister Worth It or Not?

If an extra boost of energy is what you need while working or exercising in low-oxygen settings, Oxygen Plus Canisters should be your go-to! Not only are they safe and straightforward to use but their effectiveness has been proven – so why not give them a try? Yes – it’s time to unlock the full potential that comes with being surrounded by oxygen.

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